The easiest way to manage your design tokens

Our design decision tool helps you to create and deliver your design tokens without technical knowledge.

No coding skills required

How it works

1 Make design decisions

We guide you through creating meaningful design tokens by using our intuitive tool. You can concentrate on decisions in areas like colors, spacing and typography.

2 Publish

Just press the button to publish your current collection. We handle the distribution, and your developer can now use your published release.

3 Use

Developer will use like any other npm package.

yarn add @tokens/your-collection


Easy setup

We design & dev. That's why we made setup easy for both sides. We don't require coding skills from the designer and developer setup takes 5 mins.

Platform agnostic

You create, we transform. The web or mobile, we turn your design decisions into developer understandable format.

Easy publish

Publish your design tokens with a single click. We take care of distribution, and we also help the developer to use it.

Automatic versioning

We follow semantic versioning and create versions based on your changes every time you publish something. That makes your developers happy.